Golf Prince Hotel Floats Hanging Pool

By / 17th September, 2015 / News / Off

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.17.44 PMThe moment you are inside the Golf Prince Hotel, you are tempted to feel that you are either abroad or in one of these five star hotels in Abuja, were the exact words of one Gloria Wilcox, a guest in the hotel who spoke to The Tide On Sunday. According to her, the imposing structure is meticulously built to offer guests the opportunity to experience a delightful finishing, one can hardly get in other three-star hotels.

One of the delightful experiences a guest at Golf Prince gets which cannot be got anywhere outside this hotel is the topless Pool Bar which is a suspended swimming pool bar. It has a serene environment that soothes the nerves of the guest after the day’s hustling and bustling. Read More